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Leninsky District of Luhansk

E-mail: 91011, 17 Kotelnykova Street, Luhansk



Historical reference


The history of Leninsky district is closely connected with the history of the town. Life in the village called “Luhansk Factory” started with construction of a foundry in the historic center. Later the administrative center of Luhansk was formed here, and during the last hundred years Leninsky district has been known as a business center of the town.


The official date of foundation of the district is 22 June, 1939, when according to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic, Klymiv district of Voroshilovgrad, today Leninsky district of Luhansk, was formed in the center of the town.


During 65 years of its existence the main objects of social and cultural life of the city, without which you cannot imagine the image of modern Luhansk, were built: House of Technics, Luhansk Oblast Russian Drama Theatre, Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre, Puppet Theater, Oblast Philharmonic, State Circus, Local History Museum, a Bus Station, Avanhard stadium and Luhansk Hotel.


There are representatives of oblast and local state authorities, offices of public organisations, financial institutions, and large commercial and industrial companies in the district. There are 17 banks, including the regional branches of Ukrsotsbank, Privatbank, Aval Bank, the First Ukrainian International Bank, and others.


The main forces of scientific, technical and intellectual intelligentsia are concentrated in the center of the town. There are 16 research and design organisations, 3 largest libraries of regional subordination, 4 museums: Local History Museum, History and Culture Museum, Arts Museum and Dahl Literary Museum, the pride of the city.


Leninsky district is an educational center of Luhansk. Here is the oldest higher educational establishment in Donbas: Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National Pedagogical University, the leader of university education; Luhansk State Medical University and the recently created Institute of Culture and Arts of Luhansk National Pedagogical University and Luhansk State Institute of Culture and Arts. Young citizens of Luhansk acquire future profession in 5 technical schools and colleges, 5 high schools and vocational schools. There are 5 secondary schools, 4 specialized schools, a gymnasium and 3 lyceums in the district.


The district can be rightfully considered a sports center of Luhansk. There is Avanhard Stadium, 3 swimming pools, an equestrian school and an arena. Some facilities meet international Olympic standards. They hold international and oblast competitions and train future Olympic champions.


Leninsky district is a leader in the number of medical institutions located in it. From the 1960s a medical campus including Medical University, the town hospital #1 and an oblast clinical hospital was developing in Ostra Mohyla area. Besides, there are 4 more hospitals, a physical therapy clinic, a town children’s tuberculosis hospital, a children’s cardiology sanatorium, 6 oblast specialized clinics, a regional hospital for war veterans, an oblast geriatric boarding house for war and labor veterans, an oblast blood transfusion station, and a town veterinary hospital. The leading pharmaceutical enterprise in Luhansk oblast "Pharmacy" is located in Leninsky district.


Leninsky district is the leader in the number of monuments of history, culture and architecture located in it.


Since the mid 1980s holiday festivities, fireworks, concerts and youth discos take place in Kotsyubynsky Street in Teatralna Square. Thousands of citizens of Luhansk spend their free time in parks and squares of the district from early spring to autumn.


Leninsky district is also an industrial district. There are industry giants located here: Luhansk Machine-Tool Plant Production Association, Cartridge Works, where the foundations for mining, metallurgical, and machine-building industry of Ukraine were laid, Luhansk Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukr Bat Consortium, Machine-Building Plant-100 LLC, CJSC Luhan , CJSC Zlit, CJSC Agroton, MilaM LLC, Poly Pak LLC, which products are known far outside the country.


There are major transport companies in the district: Ukraine's Sovtransavto, the first international auto transportation company, on the basis of which some of the largest companies like Trans King and Transpele were established. Their vehicle pool consists of more than 420 trucks.


With emergence of new economic relations small and medium enterprises of all forms of ownership have been developing.


The district has been developing its economic potential in close contact with many regions of the CIS and foreign countries. It supports trade and economic as well as humanitarian relations with many countries of the world.


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