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Artemivsky District of Luhansk

Legal address: 91006; 11 Leninsky Komsomol Block, Luhansk


Telephone (reception office):+380642349061

Fax: +380642652492

Telephone (duty officer): +380642652470


The history of the district started on 21st December 1934. That day, according to the decision of the Presidium of Luhansk City Council of Workers, Peasants and Red Army deputies of Donetsk oblast, Artemivsky district of Luhansk was founded.

Nowadays the district is a big industrial area of the city with the population of 148.3 thousand people located on the area of 5.5 thousand hectares. It includes Olexandrivsk town and urban-type settlement Yuvileyny.


The district is a large industrial area. There are enterprises for mechanical engineering, ferrous metallurgy, coal, woodworking, flour-and-cereals and food industries. Specific weight of their production is more than 40 percent of the general volume produced in the city. The district is proud of its leading enterprises manufacturing unique production and having long labor traditions. The oldest enterprise of the district is Luhansk Parkhomenko Machine-Building Plant. It rose from several railway workshops in 1878 to the biggest producer of ore-dressing equipment in Ukraine nowadays. The range of machines manufactured at the plant includes more than one hundred names, which along with ore-dressing industry are applied in metallurgical, chemical, road building, food etc. industries not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.


The biggest in Ukraine manufacturer of heating cast-iron radiators, hatches of coarse and decorative cast-iron founding is the Joint Stock Company Luhansk Foundry Mechanical Plant founded in 1916.


The Joint Stock Company Luhansk Pipe Plant is one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine for manufacture of steel ungalvanized pipes with double-sided zinc covering used for electric welding. The plant applies modern equipment, leading technologies and competent professionals, which ensures manufacture of high quality products: precision tubes for manufacture of cars. The plant was awarded with Birmingham Torch Award by International Academy of Business Leaders and Administration (USA), several international prizes for commercial prestige, technology and quality, as well as environmental protection.


The production of AVK Confectionery is famous far beyond Luhansk oblast. This enterprise is distinguished by its untraditional approach to increase of manufacture volume and improvement of products quality. First of all, it concerns increase of technological mastery, renewal and expansion of assortment, appearance improvement, manufacture mechanization and improvement of labor conditions. As a result, in recent years the confectionery has been rewarded with a number of diplomas and gratitude certificates.


There are two educational establishments in Artemivsky district.


The only one of the kind in Donbas is Luhansk State Agriculture University (founded in 1921). 67 Doctors of Science and professors, 259 Candidates of Science and associate professors, 27 correspondent members and academicians of branch academies of Ukraine work in the university. It supports broad international connections with educational establishments and scientific centers of Russia, Belorussia, Germany and France. Since 1995 year the university has been included in the social European project within the TACIS programme.


The foundation of Luhansk police school in May 1993 was the beginning for Luhansk Didorenko State University for Internal Affairs. At the moment the university has the fourth accreditation level, a huge training and resource base, an established staff, 80 percent of which are professors and teachers of the higher category.


There are 13 secondary schools, 4 specialized schools, 2 gymnasiums, and 15 out-of-school establishments in Artemivsky district.


The district provides all the facilities for creative development and encouragement to cultural and spiritual life.


An example is the Palace for children and youth called "Joy”. Today, 23 children's teams, 107 groups, and more than two thousand of pupils of 1-11 forms study here.


There is a sports base for physical development in the district. Apart from secondary and higher educational establishments, there is a College for Physical Culture. In 2008-2009 its students won 14 medals (4 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze ones) in European championships. 53 students became winners of Ukraine championships last year. In total, they won 304 medals: 98 gold, 99 silver and 107 bronze ones.


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