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Charter of Luhansk Territorial Community

Luhansk traces its history to 1795 when Catherine II announced the Decree to establish the foundry in Donetsk (Slovyanoserbsk) district near the village Kam’yany Brid. The same year the establishment of the plant began near that village; that plant was later named Katerinoslavsky and from 1797 – Luhansky. The village which arose around the plant was named Luhansky zavod. In 1882 by the Decree Luhansky zavod together with an adjacent village Kam’yany Brid got the status of the city Luhansk. 1903 Luhansk as a city got its coat of arms. In 1938 the city became the oblast center. Luhansk was awarded with two Orders of Merit: the Order of the Red Banner and the Order of the October Revolution. Today Luhansk is an important political, cultural and scientific centre. The city has a large scientific and technical as well as production potential, which is the key to its economic recovery and development.


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